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5 Reasons Why Flossing is Important

Do you ever ponder why your dentist asks about your flossing habits during every check-up? The reason is that they know that flossing is an essential part of oral health. Follow along for five of the biggest reasons why flossing is important if you want to maintain your smile.

Those In-Between Teeth Spaces

Have you ever thought about how much gunk ends up resting between your teeth after you eat? Restaurant owners know that food sometimes gets stuck between teeth. That’s why you’ll find a handy toothpick holder near the cash register.

The danger to your overall oral health is that you can’t possibly notice all of the little bits of mealtime that find their way between your teeth each day. What’s more, you can brush and brush your teeth and still not entirely clean those in-between your teeth spaces. Even worse, all of the stuff that stays lodged between your teeth can destroy your smile over time.

5 Reasons Why Flossing is Important

why flossing is important

There’s no doubt failing to floss leaves your smile in danger. Consistent flossing helps to remove the gunk and plaque that’s hiding in the tiny, hard-to-see spaces inside your mouth. Although researchers continue to examine the role that flossing plays in your overall dental health, there are some clear benefits to it.

1. Improve Appearance

Do you want to keep a welcoming smile for years into the future? Oral-B notes that regular flossing is a terrific way to improve the overall brightness of your teeth. Combine a bright smile with the appearance of healthy gums, and you have a recipe for a smile that has real staying power.

2. Prevents gum disease

According to the American Academy of Periodontology, plaque on your teeth can lead to gum disease. Research suggests that the bacteria found in plaque causes an inflammatory response that contributes to gum disease. Flossing helps you to avoid problems such as

  • bleeding gums
  • receding gums
  • tooth and bone loss.

3. Reduce your chance of developing heart disease

One of the insidious dangers of gum disease is that it appears to play a part in the development of heart disease. Recent research reveals that you have a twenty percent higher chance of developing heart disease if you have gum disease. One theory is that gum disease spurs on the narrowing of arteries, leading to cardiovascular disease.

4. Stop tooth decay between teeth

Who doesn’t dread the sound of a dental drill? Dentists know that flossing is a crucial step in avoiding cavities. A sliver of sticky candy caught between two teeth can result in cavity-causing plaque within two days. Avoid the sound of a dental drill by flossing your teeth once a day.

5. Freshen your breath

You know how a mouth filled with fresh smelling breath makes you feel ready to greet the world each morning? You can keep the confident vibes flowing by flossing away the trapped little bits of food in your mouth that can cause a real stink. It’s true; a comprehensive oral care routine will reward you with fresh breath.

By the way, who hasn't noticed the tremendous variety of dental floss products on the market today? The terrific benefit to having a choice of flossing products is that you can find one that you will want to use each day. Read here for an informative article about the vast selection of dental floss available today.

Now that you know five of the best reasons to take time to floss, it’s time to put flossing into your daily oral hygiene.

Complete care for your smile

Of course, flossing isn’t enough, by itself, to keep your smile in sparkling shape. No, you’ll need to stick with a complete tooth care routine if you want to protect your smile long-term.

You don’t need to purchase all sorts of pricey gadgets to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Instead, consistent care is the key to ensuring that your smile will remain with you for a lifetime.

Make the following steps part of your oral health program.


The foundation of any teeth cleaning plan rests on effective brushing. Did you know that many people don’t take enough time to clean their teeth thoroughly? Experts say that you should brush your teeth at least twice a day for at least two minutes each time.


Recent studies recommend flossing before brushing at least once per day. Check out this article on flossing techniques from Colgate. It’s extra essential to floss if you wear braces as it can be challenging to keep the spaces between your teeth clean.


Consider adding a mild mouthwash to your daily cleaning routine. Remember that swishing with a mouth rinse doesn’t replace the need to floss.


Don’t forget to see your dentist for a check-up every six months. Checking in with your dentist twice a year is a smart way to take care of small dental issues before they turn into painful problems. A significant benefit of a dental visit is that the dental hygienist will thoroughly clean your teeth to remove any accumulated plaque.

Orthodontic tips- Do you wear braces?

Flossing while you wear braces is extremely important since little remnants of food can very quickly turn into destructive dental plaque. Rely on your orthodontist for advice on effective flossing techniques.

Healthy diet

The American Dental Association stresses the vital part that nutrition plays in keeping your teeth and gums in tip-top shape. In general, you should aim to drink plenty of water and eat a variety of healthy foods. Limit snacks and sugary foods to special occasions.

Trust us; your smile depends on sticking to healthy oral health habits.

Last thoughts

Lastly, your smile can last a lifetime if you give it proper care. Healthy oral hygiene habits give you the surest opportunity to keep your teeth and gums strong and healthy. Make sure that you follow our reasons why flossing is important to develop an oral care program that fits your needs.

We want to help you dazzle the world with your most beautiful smile. Contact us at Smiles for Life Orthodontics for complete orthodontic services in Flower Mound, TX.

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