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Elastic Bands

Everything You Must Know About the Elastic Bands in Your Mouth

orthodontic elastic band

Elastic bands are the key to transforming your smile. These little ligatures combine with your braces to do the heavy moving required to realign your teeth correctly. Read on for everything that you need to know about the elastic bands that will help to make you want to smile.

Elastic bands basics

Most of the braces that your orthodontist uses to create your new smile consist of multiple parts. The brackets are metal parts that bond to your teeth. The archwire travels through the brackets to push your teeth into proper position. The elastic bands, also called rubber bands, connect the archwire to the brackets.

Another type of rubber band, called the interarch rubber band, stretches in your mouth as it moves your upper and lower teeth into a beautifully aligned bite. The interarch rubber bands, also known as elastics, get quite a work-out and it’s common to put a new set on each day. Additionally, you’ll need to take them off whenever you want to eat.

elastic bands colors

Colorful rubber bands

We won’t pretend that wearing braces is fun, but we do think that you’ll enjoy choosing the elastic bands that are crucial to making your braces work. Rubber bands for braces come in a wide range of colors, making it possible to customize your look and have fun turning your mouth correctors into a fashion accessory.

Choose colors that (1) highlight your school, (2) celebrate the season, (3) boost your favorite sports team, and (4) make you smile. We help our clients choose elastic band colors all the time, and we’ll help match a shade to your style. We have the solution whether you want a  color that blends in with your teeth or you want your braces to show your undying devotion for the Dallas Cowboys.

Maintenance requirements

If you want a gorgeous smile when your braces come off, it’s essential that you properly maintain the elastic band while it’s working so hard in your mouth. Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about giving the elastic bands used within the brackets any extra attention as that is the job of your orthodontist. Instead, you need to turn your attention to the interarch elastic bands that work to bring your upper and lower teeth into position.

Don't neglect to remove your elastics before you eat. You could damage seriously damage the archwire and bracket hooks on your braces if you forget to take the interarch elastics out of your mouth before picking up your toothbrush.

It’s also vital that you remove the elastics before taking a bite to eat. Although it’s easy to feel lazy and not want to bother with taking out your interarch rubber bands before eating a quick snack, keep in mind that your future smile depends on keeping every part of your braces in tip-top condition. 

Comprehensive cleaning 

Thoroughly cleaning your teeth is a crucial component in caring for your teeth while wearing braces. An unfortunate aspect of wearing braces is that your teeth are prone to decay and discoloration if you don’t practice a diligent cleaning routine. Make sure that you understand your orthodontist’s cleaning advice and carry out every cleaning step at least twice a day.

Check out more cleaning tips here.

Finally, elastic bands are an integral part of the braces that shape your teeth into your best smile. Understanding their role and how you can care for them is the first step in the direction of a happy mouth. Contact us at Smiles for Life Orthodontics for complete information on how braces can fix your bite and give you a terrific smile.

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