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Essix Retainer

Use An Essix Retainer to Protect Your Smile

Use An Essix Retainer to Protect Your Smile

You’ve invested time and money into achieving your new smile, and we know that you want to maintain your beautiful grin. Did you know that choosing the right retainer is the key to keeping your teeth in perfect order? Take a look at the Essix Retainer and how it can fit into your orthodontic maintenance program.

Like all orthodontic retainers, the Essix Retainer prevents your teeth from moving out of their proper position. Teeth naturally tend to move a little within your mouth, and an orthodontic appliance works to minimize the movement. The Essix is custom made to fit over the entire arch of your teeth for maximum protection from the pressures within your jaw that result in tooth movement.

Essix Retainer benefits

There are all types of orthodontic retainers on the market, and you’re sure to find one that fits your needs. Some of the significant pros of choosing an Essix Retainer include the fact that (1) you can quickly remove it to clean both your teeth and the retainer and (2) the see-through material blends with your teeth so that you won’t mind wearing it throughout the day.

Removable retainer downsides

Although there are potent reasons to choose a removable retainer like the Essix, it’s essential to consider the disadvantages when you’re deciding on the appliance that best suits your lifestyle and budget. Some of the common downsides include:

  • Loss of the device
  • Damage to the retainer when you’re not wearing it
  • An increase in saliva production
  • Can house bacteria if not well cleaned

There’s no doubt that the most concerning downside from the viewpoint of your smile is that it’s tempting to skip wearing a removable retainer too much of the time. Since a retainer can only protect your smile when it’s inside your mouth, the ability to neglect wearing one for enough time each day is a negative that you should consider before opting to purchase an Essix Retainer.

how to clean retainer

Caring for an Essix Retainer

Despite the potential cons, there is no denying that the Essix Retainer gives you the ease that comes from a comfortable and easy to wear dental protection appliance that’s perfectly designed to fit your mouth. It’s also quite possible to overcome the danger of a lost retainer by implementing some smart habits right away.

The American Association of Orthodontists suggests that you invest in a retainer case and make sure that your retainer goes into the case whenever it’s not in your mouth. Prevent severe damage by keeping it away from heat sources and dogs.

One of the best reasons to choose an Essix Retainer is that it’s not hard to keep it clean. It’s a smart idea to wash the retainer in lukewarm water every time that you remove it from your mouth. Add a little bit of mild dish soap to a soft toothbrush to remove debris. Use a cotton swab to get into all of the tiny spaces where food particles tend to accumulate.

Lastly, you’ve invested a lot of time, effort, and money into achieving a beautiful smile. Protect your teeth by investing in a high-quality appliance, like the Essix Retainer, to keep your teeth where they belong.  Contact us at Smiles for Life Orthodontics, and we’ll fit you with an outstanding retainer today.

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